Mary-Ann Knudstrup durante su ponencia

The built frameworks within which the elderly, as well as people in general, live influence their well-being. In this article research based knowledge is presented regarding the ways in which the decision making process related to assisted living care facilities in Denmark takes place; this includes how visions of wellbeing and the significance of the residential conditions for the well-being of the elderly form part of the decision making process up to the completion of the residential care facilities.

The focus of the paper is on some of the direct significance of the residential conditions on well-being in assisted living care facilities. The paper also discusses the degree of research and evidence based knowledge involved in the decision making process when choosing the final design solutions. The paper is based on the Danish research project “Well-being and Housing”. It is also shown how we can inform the design decisions during the decision making process with architectural well-being elements based on empirical knowledge and scientific evidence and use them in the decisions through the design process to secure well-being elements in the coming assisted living care facilities for elderly people.

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